Navigating Comfort Zone Conundrums

I always see motivational quotes and images telling people to get outside of their comfort zones, but what does that mean really? Do we crumple up our comfort zones like used paper and discard them in a bin? Do we straddle the fine lines between comfort and discomfort? These quotes and images tell us what... Continue Reading →

Five Delightfully Creepy Books That Will Keep You up at Night

I love nothing more than a book that can send a chill down my spine without having to rely on being overly gruesome and grotesque. For me, I want a book that can steadily build its thrill factor and keep my heart racing without trying too hard. I know horror isn't for everyone, but I... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Theresa Muñoz, “Settle”

Several months ago, I received a lovely package from Vagabond Voices (a Glasgow-based publisher) containing four poetry books. Of the four, Theresa Muñoz's Settle was my first choice and I've continued to return to her words on more than one occasion. In her debut book of poetry, Muñoz works through the themes of migration and technology.... Continue Reading →

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