When It All Becomes Too Heavy, Let Go

Several months ago, a guided meditation app was recommended to me because I'm an anxious person who overthinks everything from her breakfast to her socks. I needed something to help me relax (something I've never been good at), so I gave it a shot. The ten-minute meditation guides you through breathing techniques and instructs you... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Helen Lamb, “Three Kinds of Kissing”

I was immediately smitten with Helen Lamb's Three Kinds of Kissing the moment its publication was announced by Vagabond Voices online. From its fantastic cover art to its intriguing summary, I knew it needed to be at the top of my tbr pile. Now, imagine my delight when I went into Blackwell's in search of... Continue Reading →

Same Place, New Adventure

From the moment my plane landed on the sprawling tarmac of Edinburgh's airport, I felt a tingle of excitement rushing through my stomach. It had been a little over two years since I was last in Scotland and seeing it's familiar face felt surreal at that moment. The trees, the cloudy sky, the crisp air... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

Not long ago, a friend of mine reminded me that it’s okay to change my mind. Funny how it’s so easy to forget such a simple thing, though it’s not surprising. We live in a society that spends a lot of time telling us that we must follow a specific plan for our lives and... Continue Reading →

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