Four Ways to Implement Self-Care Into Your Busy Routine

In today's society, we follow a hectic, often draining, fast paced way of living. Whether we're working long hours, caring for loved ones, or just walking the dog, it's easy for us to forget to take a moment for ourselves. Some days, even the thought of setting aside five minutes to breathe seems daunting, but... Continue Reading →


Five Things to Remember When Submitting Your Writing

It's no secret that one of the more frustrating aspects about being a writer is the submission process, especially if the outcome of that process brings a brief rejection letter. Sure, one rejection stings, but it's when those rejections start heading toward double-digits that things really get painful. Reaching this point can often bring on... Continue Reading →

Here We Go Again

If anyone has been following my writing habits, they’ll know I’ve had this blog for several years now, but haven’t been the greatest at keeping up with my posts. It seems like every time I get a good schedule down life manages to get in the way. Big surprise, right? Didn’t think so. I put... Continue Reading →

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