A Year Ago Today: Ode to Memaw’s Memory

I haven't had much to say lately. Nothing about books or publishing or whatever else I ramble on about occasionally in this blog. Life has been very busy and this space I've claimed for myself in the grand vastness of the internet has merely been an afterthought. However, today I feel like I have a... Continue Reading →

Three Ways to Better Support Your Friends’ Creative Endeavors

It's no secret that most of us have a friend or two who are aspiring artists, musicians, writers, and the like. We might even be that friend in our social circles, or part of a larger group of people who just wants their work to be seen or read or heard. However, getting to that... Continue Reading →

Navigating Comfort Zone Conundrums

I always see motivational quotes and images telling people to get outside of their comfort zones, but what does that mean really? Do we crumple up our comfort zones like used paper and discard them in a bin? Do we straddle the fine lines between comfort and discomfort? These quotes and images tell us what... Continue Reading →

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