How to Support Independent Publishers and Bookshops During Uncertain Times

While I think we should always do our best to support independent publishers and bookshops on any given day, I’m also aware that they suffer most during times of economic uncertainty. With concerns over COVID-19 rising, many book festivals, book launches, literary events, and more have been cancelled to prevent the spread. Without these events, many independent publishers, including their authors, will lose potential revenue pathways, the chance to meet readers, and spread the word about their company.. This concern has also kept many shoppers from visiting their local bookshops, with some having to temporarily close their doors, thus decreasing daily revenue these shops rely on to stay open.

With no clear answer about how long COVID-19 will remain a threat, the future of many independent publishers and bookshops is looking somewhat grim. However, there still remains hope in the madness. Because many, if not all, independent publishers and bookshops operate online stores, this allows for consumers to continue buying books. What that means, my friend, is that we, as readers, can help independent publishers and bookshops survive. If you are concerned about a physical book being shipped to you, there is usually an option to purchase an e-book directly from a publisher or bookshop, thus assisting in their revenue stream instead of going through companies such as Amazon, who notoriously undercut publishers and take business away from local bookshops.

If your funds are running low and you don’t have the means to buy books right now, there are still ways you can help. Social media has become a great tool in spreading the word about business. Take a look at some of your favorite books and find the name of the publisher. If those books came from an independent publisher, share their name and the title of the book. Let others know why you love their books. Get their name out there and inspire others to buy their books. The same goes for bookshops. I know many readers could spend hours browsing bookshop shelves. Tell others about these places and why you love them. Share their location and website. Encourage others to look to them first to discover their next read. It’s that easy.

Because I believe in that old saying, “practice what you preach”, I’m going to add a list of independent publishers and bookshops in this blog post. Follow the links and check them out. I guarantee you’ll find something wonderful.

Also, as a side note, if you would like me to add your company or bookshop, let me know! That also goes for general suggestions!



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