Surviving the Death of a Dream During Seasons of Change

Have you ever wanted something with all your heart, and, when you finally get it, you discover it’s not what you thought it would be? I think that’s happened to most of us, maybe even on more than one occasion. If it hasn’t happened to you, then count yourself lucky. For those of you who have gone through this disappointment, or who are going through it, I sympathize.

Being human means having big hopes and dreams for our lives, even if these things seem out of reach. That doesn’t stop us, though. Not usually. We work hard and do what we can to achieve what we’ve set our sights on. It can be a painful journey, but can also rewarding. We learn new things about ourselves along the way and discover wonderful unexpected opportunities. But, what do we do when, after all of this wanting and hard work, the end result is more tarnished silver than gold? Good question.

I think the best thing to do is to keep moving forward. We also have to keep in mind that as we move through life and mature, so do the things we want. It would be helpful to realize that before we’ve gone through the trouble, but things don’t always work that way. It’s heartbreaking to feel like you’re a failure or that your efforts were worthless. You aren’t and they weren’t. Just think of it as an opportunity to open yourself to things even greater than you could imagine for yourself. That’s better than chasing after something halfheartedly because you’re too stubborn to let go. Doing that just sets you up for a harder fall or misery or both. I know it’s not as simple as that, but trust me on this one. I’m also trying to trust me on this one. And if we both can’t trust me, well, maybe this quote from Lysa Terkeurst might help: “Sometimes to get your life back, you have to face the death of what you thought your life would look like.”

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