Eight Horror Podcasts Guaranteed to Haunt Your Senses

There’s something fun about the way horror can get our hearts pumping and make us wary of what’s hiding in the dark, especially when these elements are achieved through a podcast. What’s special about horror podcasts is that they have the power of words on their side. They don’t need props or jump scares to make you feel uneasy, just your imagination and their ability to fill in the blanks with sinister elements.

Being the horror podcast fan that I am, thanks in part to a guitar-strumming friend of mine, I’m always looking for a new series to add to my list. In that search, I’ve come across some fantastic series, both ongoing and completed, that I think you might enjoy if you’re new to the genre or seeking fresh content.

1) The NoSleep Podcast

It goes without saying that The NoSleep Podcast is one of the best horror podcasts out there. From a list of dynamic voice actors to fantastic storytellers, The No Sleep Podcast provides a unique listening experience on a weekly basis. I didn’t discover this podcast until 2017, but I’ve enjoyed going through their archives and seeing (or hearing, rather) how much they’ve grown over the years. It’s one that will keep you coming back for more, if only to hear the creative whims of host David Cummings.

2) Darkest Night

Darkest Night is an ongoing audio drama that puts you in the middle of recovered memories from the recently deceased that slowly reveals a horrific master plan. In this gripping and gruesome tale, you won’t know who to trust or what to believe right until the very end. This is also a podcast that will give you nightmares if you listen to it before bed, trust me. Oh, and did I mention they have a star-studded cast? Lee Pace, Denis O’Hare, Missi Pyle, RuPaul, and more! Pretty cool if you ask me.

3) Archive 81

If you like horror elements tinged with found footage, rituals, stories, and sound, then Archive 81 is the podcast for you. Each season introduces complex and engaging characters as they navigate the unknown. You’ll be left on the edge of your seat and asking yourself if there’s something more lurking beneath the world that you can see.

4) Uncanny County

From demon clowns to Rainbow Magic Kittens and everything in-between, Uncanny County is a
“Southwestern-flavored” podcast that mixes comedy with horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. This audio-drama is guaranteed to make you laugh as they spin wild tales once a month. Despite the wild nature of Uncanny County, I can’t help but wish I could make a real-life detour through its streets.

5) The Box Podcast

From the moment I was introduced to The Box Podcast, I was binging every episode. This terrifying tale puts you in the shoes of a woman named Addison Gilmore who gets more than she bargained for after opening a mysterious box. I will warn you, however, that the series went through a months-long hiatus, ending on one doozy of a cliffhanger. It seems it’s back up and running, though, so the best is yet to come!

6) The Black Tapes

Are elements of the paranormal real or are they a creation of our own internal fears? Journalist Alex Reagan is on a quest to find out in this serialized docudrama. I enjoyed this one from start to finish, but the ending was somewhat disappointing, if not rushed. Despite that, this is one nail-biting tale you won’t want to skip out on.

7) Lore

Folklore is full of monsters that haunt our nightmares, but what about human history? Can those things be real? Host Aaron Mahnke explores the darker side of history and the people, places, and creatures that are more terrifying than fiction in this critically-acclaimed podcast. And, if you can’t get enough of Lore, be sure to watch the series on Amazon and read the books.

8) Haunted Places

We’ve all heard of haunted houses and cemeteries and islands, but even the most ordinary places can have their own spectral inhabitants. Join host Greg Paulson as he takes you on an audio tour of the most haunted places on earth and brings their chilling histories alive. While this isn’t a docudrama, Haunted Places is an intriguing look into history, society, and the places we fear most.

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