Saturday Stanzas (Vol. 4): A Little Romance

Today the weather is overcast, making it the perfect setting for coffee, jazz, and a little romance. I hope you find some inspiration and beauty in the six poems I’m sharing with you today.

Love and Oblivion

Our souls are strung together
by seas and moons and molecules.
Our eyes are remnants of galaxies
left for dead upon the skin of creation.
The universe vibrates through our cells
reflecting auras of light left unseen
save for tonight in this bed of oblivion
where we taste chaos upon silent lips
between breaths heavy with the atmosphere
while our bodies collide like meteors
hungry to litter the earth with our love.



Sketch me between pages
littered with divine art
so that I may live
in those private spaces
preserved for your eyes alone.



Don’t touch me like I’m beautiful.

Touch me like I’m the oxygen
to the flame in your bloodstream.

Tremble with heightened anticipation
of each explosive delight waiting
to be set free through our veins.

Don’t touch me like I’m beautiful.

Touch me like I’m the first breath
that makes you crave to be alive.



When I think of you,
I think of sunflowers
gathered neatly in a vase
resting on a white table
under an open window
reveling in lazy afternoon light
as the birds speak your name.



There was always love.
But, I invariably resented
how those moments
of unabashed freedom
came in little spurts
leaving me wanting more
of that tingling excitement
as galaxies ran through
the twisting tresses
of my unbound hair.



Paper-mache kisses linger
untouched and unused
around the smooth edges
of yesterday’s coffee cup
you abandoned upon my mantle
cold contents relaying sentiments
of, “Darling, it will be all right…
It will be all right…”



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