Saturday Stanzas (Vol. 3): Mad World

With the state of how insane things are lately, these seemed appropriate to share today.

Sighs and Observations

I lean my head back
contemplating the state of the world
eyes drooping in perplexed wonder
darkness shrouding my sight–
a moment’s rest from the madness.

Blame rests on the majority
who’ve feasted on the weak
and those who’ve turned away
while they picked decaying bones
from their rotted teeth.

Religion has no place here
as it has been defiled
by greedy dirtied hands
behind smoke and mirrors
promising salvation to deep pockets.

If I were God
I’d turn my head in shame
weeping over my flawed creation
while scraping up forgotten graces
for those still holding on.


Damaged Replicas

The ugliness of man
couldn’t be God’s image
unless we are made
from all his violent
and fragile parts —
living imitations of shame
He couldn’t concede
to harbor in heaven.



You think you’re mighty
squashing the weak
under self-righteous heels
all in the name
of cherry-picked morality.

Don’t get comfortable
hiding behind corruption
and its powerful cohorts;
we see you;
we’ll call you by name.

No longer will we
turn our heads
in fear,
for fear
breeds cowardice
in an age
where silence



Dizzily, dizzily
we spin around the world
like children at play
ignorant to the chaos
caused by our own hands–
a conglomeration of fools
pockets full of posies
welcoming disaster
ashes, ashes
we all burn down.


Ordinary Life

How did we come to this?
Reading yesterday’s paranoia
on crumpled newspapers
while we fret
about the weather–
all our dreams drifting
on the edges of steam
straying from chipped
coffee cups.



Wide awake
a world gone by
flanking every corner
the wise still smile
weathered hands
eyes shadowed with time
all-knowing souls
finding glimmering cracks
in a surface bled dry.



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