Album Review: SPiVEY – ‘Chief’s Hideout’

If you haven’t heard, Lubbock’s one-man band has a new EP. That’s right, folks, SPiVEY has new music that you should be listening to.

While Chief’s Hideout was released in December of 2016, I feel that it hasn’t garnered the attention it deserves. I’m not just saying that because SPiVEY is one of the coolest guys you’ll meet, but because he has genuine talent. That being said, I stand by my assertion that he is the Beck of Lubbock.

I think it’s interesting to point out that SPiVEY recorded Chief’s Hideout in just four days from his family cabin in the Colorado wilderness. Co-produced by David Wilkinson, Chief’s Hideout exits the feel of SPiVEY’s 2014 debut album, Lungs, Heart, & Hands, to create something even more unique and reflective of his music style.

Chief’s Hideout kicks off with my favorite track, “Rescued from Defeat.” This funky up-beat tune mixes acoustic vibes with electronic ambiance, which carries throughout the EP. Some might argue that these two things don’t mesh well, but SPiVEY is here to prove that assumption wrong. In fact, SPiVEY’s willingness to experiment with music is what I admire most about him. He’s willing to take a risk and he does it well.

Another notable tune is “The Season.” It follows “Rescued from Defeat” perfectly, but it’s a perfect example of SPiVEY’s lyricism. The song itself has a haunting feeling, highlighting the nagging anxious feeling that change often brings. It’s something you can insert yourself into easily, which, in my opinion, is a mark of good songwriting.

“Gave Up (Go at It Alone)” wraps up the album well. This is where the tempo slows down and a sense of reflection is brought to the surface. The slow tempo also serves as perfect balance to the driving beats that take center stage throughout the EP. In essence, this is where any loose ends are tied neatly together.

You can purchase Chief’s Hideout through iTunes or Amazon. Don’t forget to check him out on Facebook for more music news and for upcoming shows.

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