Saturday Stanzas (Vol. 2): Seasonal Discourse

Welcome to this week’s installment of Saturday Stanzas. I’m very late at posting this, but sometimes life gets busy. However, there’s still a few hours of Saturday left, so not all hope for today’s poetry is lost.

(Note: Because of this week’s content there will be four poems instead of six)

Autumnal Odes

The earth shakes dry bones
of Autumn from her skin
whilst silently breathing out
chilled sighs of winter
from gentle lips tinged
in red October nights.


Frigid Delicacies

Winter tastes like
coffee stained kises
flushing delicate cheeks
brushed with frost
falling from trees
dispelling simple magic
abandoned in childhood
forgotten lifetimes ago.


Texas Springtide

Spring arrives in Texas
with Summer clutching
tightly at its hazy edges.

Still mornings carry a
sweetness that hangs
in the air,
an announcement
of all things readying
to be made new.

Afternoons often give way
to raw howling winds
carrying blankets of
brown upturned earth
waiting to procure life
beneath the careful weight
of a farmer’s weathered hands.

Twilight paints coveted sunsets
unmatched far and wide
before giving way to the
dark endless sky dotted with
multitudes of twinkling stars
harboring secrets in the moonlight.

Spring arrives in Texas
providing an easy calm
before Summer’s stiff
sweltering days and
lazy rumbling nights.


Midsummer MurmuringsĀ 

Summer abandoned her clothes
upon the river’s trembling edge
and plunged into her sparkling reflection
in search of August’s lingering kiss.
Downward she spiraled, curls caught in currents,
her lungs crying for the atmosphere’s embrace.

She danced in long breathless wonder
breaking to the surface like a storm
droplets scattering and clinging to her nakedness
as the evening descended with drowsy eyes
that drank in the glimmering corners of her flesh
like a man lost wandering forty days and forty nights.

She beckoned to him with hands of amber
while laughing at her rippled reflection.
She, the blazing embodiment of lovers lost
on the tip of a fervent solstice tongue
tracing parted lips of the season’s consequence.


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